Learning to trust change as an essential part of life


A Weekend Workshop with Prema Sheerin

March 30 & 31, 2019

Queenscliff Victoria

How can I be less overwhelmed with the changes in the world and in my life?

Am I in this place in my life because I did something wrong?

Is everybody expected to go through these things on their own?

What is the compass that can guide me?

It’s part of the natural order of things to go through many periods of radical change in our lives. We move from childhood to adolescence. We find ourselves holding huge responsibilities as parents and householders. The unexpected loss of our job, a loved one, our health or our youth can reframe every aspect of our lives in a way that can leave us fundamentally disoriented and wondering what went wrong. And at the end of our lives, we all are faced with saying goodbye to everything that is familiar to us.

It is natural to feel fear and deep uncertainty as the methods and beliefs we have relied on for security are tested, and sometimes lose relevancealtogether. These major life movements come with both challenges and gifts — grief as we experience the inevitable losses of life, fear as we face the lessons and growth demanded of us, and inspiration as we awaken to new capacities and possibilities.  We often need to discover or re-awaken the inner resources and outer support we need to undergo these transformations.

In this weekend program we explore the nature of transition and learn perspectives and practices that support us to face change with awareness, grace and courage.

Sacred Fire is nonsectarian, and all backgrounds are welcome.


Come &  join us for this weekend workshop to be held at:

Queenscliff Primary School

Stokes Street, Queenscliff VIC

Saturday March 30th  10-6

Sunday March 31st  10-4


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Navigating the Challenging Waves of Transition

Prema Sheerin is a teacher, healer and life coach and works with individuals and couples.  For the last 30 years she has supported people to reveal the knowing of their heart, bring forth balance and healing, and find their path in the Divine mystery of life.  She offers programs internationally and has a life coaching and healing practice.  Prema is a presenter for programs offered by the Sacred Fire Community and is head of their Death and Dying council.  For more information about Prema’s work go to