Please Join Us around the Fire on the 26th of February

We have a special announcement!  Roger Menadue will be joining us at this Fire as a special guest. Roger & his wife Reyna are Firekeepers in Alice Springs and have a very close relationship with the local ingenious communities. Roger has also been a key person in the organization and ongoing running of what is called the Songline Journey.

So please come along for a for a night of stories & insights.

The Fire is a space where we come together to share our thoughts, our fears, our stories and most of all our humanity.

This is a place of deep connection to the ancient wisdom and guidance that sacred Fire has offered mankind since the beginning, and is an opportunity to reconnect deeply to our inner wisdom.

This is the work of the Fire, bringing us together so we can share our humanity, our joys and our pain, and removing our blockages  so we can move in this world as our authentic true selves. These fires are open to all people from all walks of life and all spiritual traditions. So if this speaks to you please come and join us.

Our Next Fire

Is on Saturday, February 26th

7.00 pm for 7.30pm Start

Call Bruce on 0438 763 462 for details.

About Us

firekeeper Bruce

Sacred Fire Queenscliff  holds monthly fires in the beautiful coastal village of Queenscliff, on the Bellarine Peninsula.  Our fires are hosted by Bruce Sherriff, who is an initiated Firekeeper in the tradition of The Sacred Fire.

There are  5 other initiated Firekeepers in Australia at this time. Two in Perth and two in Alice Springs and another in Highett Melbourne. Firekeepers must go through a long mentor-ship with another Firekeeper and then complete their training in Mexico before initiation. Once initiated it is a life long commitment to the tradition of the Sacred Fire and to the local community.

Firekeepers have always been a part of all the old traditions. Gathering around a Fire to share our concerns and differences with a Firekeeper to hold the space is something that is really valuable and is needed in these modern times.

Please feel free to contact us if this interests you in any way.


0438 763 462
18 Rayleigh Avenue Queenscliff

Sacred Fire

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